Boxi Software, LLC

Boxi Software, LLC

TitleBoxi Order Management

TitleBoxi is an order management and document-handling application for abstractors and vendor managers – anyone who provides document retrieval services to the real estate market.

Our cloud-based approach allows the user to deliver their services quickly and efficiently, and it provides a secure and searchable archive of your work, online. Our streamlined workflow has been refined through active use for over a decade and allows the user to track, process and manage orders for legal documents specific to the title industry.

We also provide invoicing and billing services to help you keep track of your orders, customer information, and pricing data. Your work will be saved and managed within your own dedicated web space on our secure servers, and we can automatically update your website with your service area and pricing data. Along with your service, we include a free web hosting account and a simple website.

For more information, contact our abstractor and vendor manager specialists:

Boxi Software, LLC

We are web application specialists who came together to create cloud-based software services for companies who recognize the potential of technology to improve their business. Our main application service is a service for businesses that retrieve documents for the title industry, but we have also built custom applications for manufacturing, wholesale, and service companies in multiple industries.

If you can dream it up, we can build it for you. Contact for more information.

ThinkBoxi Consulting

ThinkBoxi is the professional services division of Boxi Software, specializing in providing design, development, and related services to customers who need customized web applications that will help them meet their business objectives. We can adapt any of our own web applications to suit your business, or if you need a specialized solution, we can use our proprietary WebBoxi framework to help your company build a cohesive online presence that can include branding, online marketing, and technical development.

Current Boxi application customers are entitled to a discounted rate, so if you need an application for your business’ online presence or to streamline your company’s internal processes, contact our consulting department for more information: